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    We’re Featured in The New York Times !

    We’re Featured in The New York Times !

    26th March 2024

    Photo by James Hill

    Photo by James Hill

    On Tuesday, March 26th, The New York Times published an article about us: "In France, the Future Is Arriving on a Barge."

    Photographer James Hill boarded our motor vessel, Sogestran Logistics Le Bosphore, between Le Havre and Gennevilliers, sharing the daily life of the crew. He also explored the Zulu06, a hydrogen-powered motor vessel set to sail on the Seine before the year’s end.

    Journalist Liz Alderman narrates this journey, providing insights into the portrait and stakes of inland waterway transport in France.

    In her article, she elaborates on the potential for the development of inland waterway transport on the Seine. 

    > Read the Full Article Here

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