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    FlexiMalle, an innovative concept from Sogestran Logistics

    FlexiMalle, an innovative concept from Sogestran Logistics

    19th March 2021

    Transhipment from Bosphore to Paris Terminal

    Transhipment from Bosphore to Paris Terminal

    Inland waterway transport is an excellent way to move goods in dense urban areas with minimal environmental impact and nuisance. However, this multimodal transport requires efficient logistics to organise all operations for the timely delivery of goods.

    The French ST4W pilot project aims to better connect river transport with multimodal urban logistics: digitally, thanks to the ST4W tools, and physically, thanks to the innovative FlexiMalle concept designed by Sogetran Logistics.

    FlexiMalle is a light and strong multimodal container, conforming to standard handling dimensions. FlexiMalle is tracked throughout the multimodal journey using the ST4W hierarchical tracking system.

    At the end of February, FlexiMalle delivered wooden construction elements from the manufacturer Cuiller’s factory in Petit-Couronne, near Rouen, to the destination site in Noisy-le-Grand (eastern Paris region). The highlight of this multimodal journey was the transhipment operation, at the Paris Terminal, from the Bosphore (Le Havre - Rouen - Paris container lines) to the Zulu (small autonomous barge dedicated to urban transport).

    The ST4W project: Smart Track for Waterway

    ST4W aims to convince palletised goods shippers to adopt the road-river modal shift.

    ST4W offers companies a simple and cost-effective waterway transport management solution for sharing hierarchical tracking data of goods, in addition to the RIS (river information system locating vessels).

    These tools will be tested and deployed concretely during the project with the help of the various partners (shippers, carriers, ports and river administrations).

    Project leader: MULTITEL Asbl (Belgium)

    • France: CRITT T&L; IDIT
    • Belgium: Logistics in Wallonia; Blue Line Logistics; Port Autonome du Centre et de l’Ouest - PACO; Port of Brussels
    • Netherlands: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven; Bureau Telematica Binnenvaart; Stichting Projecten Binnenvaart
    • Germany: University of Duisburg-Essen
    • United Kingdom: Inlecom Ltd.

    Funding: INTERREG North-West Europe
    Start: September 2017
    End: 30th September 2021

    Navigation of the Zulu on the Seine

    Navigation of the Zulu on the Seine

    > Visit the Smart Track for Waterway website

    > See ST4W pilot project poster

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