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    A new Sogestran Logistics warehouse at the Gennevilliers port

    A new Sogestran Logistics warehouse at the Gennevilliers port

    18th January 2024

    The Sogestran Logistics warehouse in Gennevilliers at its launch

    The Sogestran Logistics warehouse in Gennevilliers at its launch

    Sogestran Logistics has just inaugurated a 2,400 square meter warehouse located along the waterfront at the Gennevilliers port, near Paris. This warehouse, leased from HAROPA PORT under a temporary occupation agreement, is equipped to meet all types of storage, consolidation, and merchandise preparation needs. It complements the logistical framework of the combined transport operator.


    The ultimate goal is to offer complete solutions from the Gennevilliers warehouse

    As an expert in river logistics, Sogestran Logistics can provide its clients with a comprehensive transport solution between its warehouse and the center of Paris.

    Between the Gennevilliers port and the Parisian docks (Quai Debilly or Quai d’Austerlitz), Sogestran Logistics’ river motor vessels can transport goods to the heart of the capital (like the Ikea or OBD Grand Paris flows) or evacuate them (as in the case of Paprec flows or the return flows of OBD Grand Paris’ deposit containers).

    The post-transportation is carried out by truck or light commercial vehicles, preferably electric in the heart of the capital, or by cargo bike.

    The warehouse enables Sogestran Logistics to offer a new storage service to its clients. It will also allow them to consolidate and share their journeys. Sogestran Logistics will thus be able to quickly offer a regular daily multi-client shuttle service, starting in 2024.

    As an operator of its units, Sogestran Logistics will continue to offer dedicated boats on certain routes, like the line operated in collaboration with Box 2 Home for IKEA, which has been using river transport via the Seine to deliver to the Parisian consumer basin for a year.

    For Alexis Chapolard, Director of Urban Logistics at Sogestran Logistics: "Our first client for the warehouse is a construction company working on a site in the heart of Paris. This is a typical example of the advantages of river transport: being able to deliver materials right in the center of the capital without impacting traffic. We thank HAROPA PORT and VNF, our institutional partners, for their support in setting up this flow."


    Two docks provided by HAROPA PORT in the heart of Paris

    The shared-use docks of the Port of Austerlitz and the Port of Debilly in Paris, made available to Sogestran through a concession with HAROPA PORT, enable the unloading of goods right in the center of Paris.

    The motor vessels are equipped with cranes, making them self-sufficient and capable of self-unloading. No installation is required at the dock: once the loading/unloading operations are completed, the dock is left to its other users, including walkers and tourists.


    River urban delivery is a solution with multiple benefits

    River urban delivery addresses the challenges of decarbonization and reducing traffic in the city. It allows for the saving of road traffic for goods entering Paris intra-muros.

    The benefits go beyond the purely environmental aspect. This solution also helps to enhance customer satisfaction (through better control of delivery times), increase the efficiency of vehicles in the city (by eliminating the time spent entering the city), and improve the working conditions of delivery drivers (by limiting their driving time).

    In summary:

    • Ecological, emitting four times less CO2 than road transport per ton transported.
    • Reliable and regular services adapted to all types of goods.
    • Reducing congestion and noise pollution in the city.

    Antoine Berbain, Deputy General Director of HAROPA PORT I Paris, states: "This new warehouse deployed by Sogestran Logistics at the Gennevilliers port offers a concrete and adapted solution to the needs of river urban logistics and last-mile delivery from the shared-use docks of Austerlitz and Debilly. This significant project enhances the development capabilities of services by river in the heart of Paris and contributes to the decarbonization of transport and the logistics chain of the Seine axis."

    The Sogestran Logistics warehouse in Gennevilliers at its launch

    The Sogestran Logistics warehouse in Gennevilliers at its launch

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