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    Organizer of combined transport

    Thanks to its modern fleet of self-propelled vessels and pushed convoys that can be adapted to any need, Sogestran Logistics benefits from a considerable transport capacity that enables us to offer a global service : we are serving Le Havre (130,000 TEU/year), Fos-sur-Mer (50,000 TEU/year), Dunkirk (20,000 TEU/year), Antwerp and Rotterdam.

    Sogestran Logistics was created through the merger of four multimodal and logistics subsidiaries of the Sogestran group:

    • Logi Ports Shuttle, a specialist of combined transport for maritime containers between seaports and inland ports on the Seine and Rhône rivers;
    • Nord Ports Shuttle, which provides container transport between the port of Dunkirk (Terminal des Flandres) and the platforms of Lille (LCT) and Dourges (LDCT). Its FLEX (Flandres-Lorraine Express) rail service links the Terminal des Flandres in Dunkirk and the Metz Terminal by containerised rail shuttle (88 TEU per week);
    • Blue Line Logistics, a company offering a logistics solution dedicated to urban distribution, including palletized goods, uses inland waterways.
    • Dubbelman Container Transporten, an inland shipping company and container operator based in Lage-Zwaluwe (NL) since 1980. Dubbelman offers a fast and reliable service between the Upper Rhine and the three seaports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge.

    Since 1994, our professional teams work closely with you to optimise your transport flows, from the order intake to the delivery of the containers.

    Our customs expertise, for both import and export, and our efficient information flow simplify your operations.

    Our panel of road carriers, in the Paris (on average 120 tours/day) and Lyon (on average 70 tours/day) regions, enables us to offer a reliable, responsive and secure door to door transport service that includes eco-friendly LNG trucks for last-mile delivery!

    Urban logistics

    Sogestran Logistics offers a river response to urban and last-mile delivery:

    • Docking in the city thanks to appropriate manoeuvrability and space requirements;
    • Groupage with regular multi-client services;
    • Tailor-made containers: FlexiMalle, swap body, ampliroll tipper, big bag;
    • Organisation of the last mile via a three-wheeler, light electric vehicle or CNG truck;
    • Reverse logistics: management of waste and returned goods.
    Contenants sur mesure

    We have a 320 ton loading capacity, equivalent to 20 trucks:

    • Six modern, silent, eco-responsible and self-unloading boats;
    • Europe's first hydrogen-powered boat.

    Our CSR commitment

    Sogestran Logistics was awarded the EcoVadis bronze medal in 2021, which recognises our CSR performance, and we are committed to improving our rating each year, thanks to our teams who are involved on a daily basis to offer you global and environmentally friendly solutions.

    Our AEO security-safety and ISO 9001 certifications

    Our activities are certified AEO security-safety and ISO 9001.

    Logos LR et AEO


    Our values

    Vision and values of Sogestran Logistics

    Proud of our values

    Sogestran Logistics is committed to the values that have guided the Sogestran group since it was founded:

    • Trust - We keep our word and act with integrity
    • Agility - We dare to undertake and encourage boldness
    • Pride - We work with pride and succeed with humility
    • Commitment - We work hard and follow through

    We are proud to share the vision of the Sogestran group!

    Our history

    Click on the timeline below or drag the slider to discover the key milestones in the history of Sogestran Logistics:

    Logiseine creation


    Creation of Logiseine, the first freight forwarder offering a combined river/road transport for maritime containers on the Seine.

    Logiseine organizes its transport between the ports of Le Havre and Rouen and the import/export warehouses in the Île-de-France region and its surrounding departments.

    Barge CFT à Paris
    Logirhône creation


    Creation of Logirhône, offering a similar service on the Rhone axis, between the port of Fos-sur-Mer and the inland terminals of Portes-lès-Valence and Lyon.

    Nord Ports Shuttle creation


    Creation of Nord Ports Shuttle, offering a similar service on the northern inland waterways, between the port of Dunkirk (Terminal des Flandres) and the platforms of Lille (LCT) and Dourges (LDCT).

    Blue Line Logistics creation


    Creation of Blue Line Logistics, an alternative logistics platform for palletised goods using inland waterways.

    Nord Ports Shuttle integrates Logiseine


    Integration of Nord Ports Shuttle into Logiseine.

    Logi Ports Shuttle


    Merger of Logiseine and Logirhône into Logi Ports Shuttle.

    Nord Ports Shuttle / Flandres-Lorraine Express


    Nord Ports Shuttle is developing a new rail service called FLEX (Flandres-Lorraine Express) between the Terminal des Flandres in Dunkirk and the terminal in Metz.

    Pallet Shuttle Barge Zulu

    Blue Line Logistics presents the Pallet Shuttle Barge Zulu, the “last mile barge”.

    Sogestran Logistics constitution


    Constitution of Sogestran Logistics integrating Logi Ports Shuttle, Nord Ports Shuttle and Blue Line Logistics.

    Blue Line Logistics development


    The change of our urban logistics entity’s logo and a strong development of its activities in Paris, Lyon and other large cities.

    Dubbelman Container Transporten

    Dubbelman and Sogestran sign definitive acquistion agreement to integrate Dubbelman Group into Sogestran Logistics.

    Our group


    The Sogestran group, which celebrates its 76th anniversary this year, is the leading French inland waterway transporter and a reputed shipowner.

    Its activities are divided into four business lines:

    • inland waterway transport
    • maritime transport
    • multimodal container transport
    • services to industry

    Simplified organisation chart of Sogestran group’s companies

    Simplified organisation chart of Sogestran group’s companies